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Bored Pixels Jam 3 Entry. Following the theme of "Gameboy", Terra's bounty is a classic Harvest Moon type game. The graphics are made with a 4 shade green scale palette, and the controls have an 8 button scheme to replicate the look and feel of the original Gameboy. I also used a 160 x 144 resolution to match the original. Unfortunately I was a little ambitious for a first ever Game Jam entry and was unable to get all the features I wanted in, but learned a lot in the process.

Active Features:

  • Functioning Game Clock
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Crop Planting System and Growth Stages
  • Farm Area & Town Area
  • Choose Player Gender

Missing Features:

  • Crop Picking/Inventory
  • Music
  • NPC Functionality
  • Farm Upgrade
  • Currency
  • Animals


  • "WSAD"= Direction Movement
  • Left Arrow = Action Key 1 ("A") - Will Till The Field before planting Seeds
  • Right Arrow = Action Key 2 ("B") - Will Plant Selected Seeds
  • Up Arrow = "Start" Button (Start From Title Screen)
  • Down Arrow = "Select Button" - Will Change Selected Seed Type

Seeds can only be planted while the player is on the farm field, and only after the soil has been tilled.

Feel free to leave comments, may continue refining the game based on feedback.


Terra's Bounty.zip 1 MB

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